Dharma Art Services

Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Art


Welcome to Dharma Art Services - the online studios of Buddhist artist Ray Furminger.

Ray has been a practicing Buddhist for some 40 years and, after a period of 'trying on' some of the Buddhist traditions, was attracted to Tibetan Buddhism mainly through its vibrant art. He felt a particular connection to the work of the western master artist Andy Weber who had trained with Tibetan artists in Kathmandu and requested that Andy take him on as a student starting in 1988. Over the next 20 years, Ray trained slowly but steadily and graduated in his studies in 2009. Since then, Ray has been the 'artist-in-residence' at a Buddhist monastery in Australia, has taught traditional Tibetan Buddhist art to many of his own students and produces beautiful thangkas (Tibetan style scroll paintings) and line drawings for meditators and collectors. He currently lives and works in the UK.

In 2020, after finding that his eyesight for detail work was starting to fail due to an eye condition, Ray made the transition (via a very steep learning curve!) to digitally produced work allowing him to work at high magnification on a screen. Ray is happy to announce that he is now producing his best work ever! Check out the 'Digital Creations' gallery for some examples.